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achicochi LLC

helps you to plan for digital nomad life, workcation


Our services

We operate ‘Taikoukyo’ coliving in Kyoto, Japan,

and provide web services, programs for digital nomads life or workcation. 

You can find a place to stay and work, events where you can meet like-minded people or find local cultures.

We also organize unique cultural programs to learn culture from an expert in each field.

Coliving facility operation

We operate coliving facilities. We're preparing coliving places in multiple locations to expand our network.
Current location : Taikoukyo Coliving (Kyoto, Japan)

Web service for coliving

On 'achicochi.life', you can book accommodation for long-term stays of 2 weeks or more, and get information you need for your stay.

Cultural Programs

Unique programs to learn the art of culture such as pottery, cuisine in Kyoto. Each course is a private and small-group class, led by an expert in the field.

What is coliving?

There are many different definitions for coliving across the world, and the idea is still developing.

We believe that coliving is the idea to have a place to live and work together with the community which helps individuals connect and expand each possibilities.

We provide the place and community to actualize our coliving idea beyond the nationality. 

we can do it

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  • contact@achicochi.net


Our Members

Akane Yamamoto

Co-Founder- CEO

A community manager in Kyoto, and a traveler struck by wanderlust. 

Yuki Doi

Co-Founder- CTO

Freelance engineer specializing in web / native app development.


Ryo Ishikawa​

Co-Founder- CDO

Owner of a hair salon and cafe ‘Cachette’, who has the great sense of interior design.

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